about us

entrepreneurs have vision and the ability to make their dreams come true. and when their visions get larger they need capital to tie their dreams together. this is where we come in. We help small and medium size companies raise capital for growth.

We lend our expertise

to a company to help it determine the best strategy and the best place to raise either debt or equity capital. We also have sector specific knowledge to help judge the business from an overall perspective.

we prepare the necessary documents

to accurately present the value proposition for funding and to protect both the company and the investor from any misunderstandings. This is more than just a business plan. It involves creating an investment memorandum, a detailed company report, building strategic exit plans, a company pitch to the funds so as to put their best foot forward, highlighting the attributes of the company as per investor understanding and in their terminology.
accurate expectations are important when dealing with equity and financial expectations. As a third party we are able to provide a realistic estimate of the proposition.

we represent the Entrepreneurs

through the entire deal execution process ensuring their interests are safe-guarded and work to get the best possible value for their business. We make certain they understand the nuances of the agreement they are entering into. We will arrange for legal councils, tax consultants and other experts on behalf of the company when required.

Partnering with a good investment banker can be one of the smartest decisions an entrepreneur can make. We help Entrepreneurs reach their funding targets faster than almost any other route. Even if an idea isn’t viable, an investment banker is probably the most cost-effective way to find out your concept lacks investor appeal than any other alternative.

- See more at: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/179958#sthash.YjxlMIUN.dpuf

“I just need enough to tide me over until I need more.” – Bill Hoest