Phinnacle (pronounced ‘fi nay kl’) is a new term formed by merging ‘phi’ and ‘pinnacle’. ‘phi’ represents the ‘golden ratio’ and in essence, it defines the natural progression in the universe. ‘pinnacle’ in its dictionary meaning stands for the highest point, the peak. So the word ‘phinnacle’ means the natural progression to the top. Hence we coined the term phinnacle to represent us.

The logo has bold letters in lower case. It stands for being comfortable about being small but knowing our significance. It portrays being bold without being loud.

It also stands for challenging norms which we have no qualms doing.


Clarity of purpose, what are we proposing, whom are we representing, whom are we targeting and why.

With a strong focus on the ASEAN continent and private equity network in this region we are one of the first few Indian capital advisors who are uniquely placed to benefit from the upcoming ASEAN boom

Understanding the requirements of the business vis-a-vis the requirements of the business owner. Separating management from ownership.

Providing the Company with our unbiased analysis with respect to feasibility, market perceptions and financial expectations based on sector specific research and knowledge. Our current sector specific expertise includes power transmission, textiles, real-estate, consumer products, green energy, infrastructure and ancillary mining.

Commitment to finding the investor of best fit. We understand that business growth is not a one-time activity, hence we help you choose the right type of funding and an investor who will inject capital to partner with you through the journey and be there with you for the long haul